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Bomba Estéreo
They call their sound “psychedelic cumbia,” and we called them a “freight train at full speed” at SXSW...and it’s all true. Whatever you’ve heard about them – all true.
MTV Iggy Presents Bomba Estéreo
  • MTV Iggy Hall of Fame
Bogotá, Colombia

Bomba Estéreo

2010 Best New Band Winner



““FUEEEEE-GO!!” “FUEEEE-GO!” The way Liliana Saumet draaags out that first syllable and barks out the second…el Diablo himself would have sex shivers. This Bogotá-based outfit mashes Colombian cumbia with dub, Afro-Colombian champeta, Peruvian chicha, dancehall, reggaeton and more to create an “electro tropical” sound that’s so hot your brain shuts off, your clothes feel too tight, the temperature rises, and you don’t care that you haven’t danced since you did the robot at your cousin’s wedding…you’re a maniac on the dancefloor now, baby!

Formed in 2005 by producer and bassist Simon Mejia, Bomba Estereo (literally “Stereo Bomb”) really took off with the addition of Liliana Saumet. With an elastic voice that growls, purrs, and shrieks, and an electrifying stage presence that pulls all eyeballs to her tiny, childlike frame, she’s got the stuff that separates superstars from the rest of us.

On Blow Up, their third album, Saumet raps (nonchalantly switching from hip hop to dancehall and back) and sings with hair-raising emotional velocity. She will not be denied. Even on quieter tracks like “Feelin’” and “Jauna,” even with your eyes closed, she demands undivided attention.
They will make you see stars, they will blow you away, they will set you on fuego. There’s no stopping Bomba Estereo. ”

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