Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Daniel Peixoto
MTV Iggy Presents Daniel Peixoto
São Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Peixoto

First appeared on IGGY: July 14, 2011

We love to love tecnobrega, the cheesy, intellectual property-thieving mashup beats out of Brazil’s northeast, and so we also love Daniel Peixoto, the former androgynous frontman for Brazilian electro-rock breakouts Montage. Tecnobrega is one of the many Brazilian sounds — also including baile funk, forro, and samba — that make his debut solo album the most a-MAZING electronica we’ve heard since the term “tropical bass” was invented.

The music nerd in us wants to mull over whether Mastigando Humanos (“Chewing Humans”) is really “electro-brega-industrial-pop-punk-tropical,” as Daniel calls it, but the freak in us would rather talk about peeing in our leggings. That happens to be the theme of his first single, “So Paro Se Cair,” (“I Stop Only When I Fall Over”), specifically, getting wasted to the point that you don’t even notice micturating on the dancefloor. Yeah, we know — it’s about time someone finally wrote a song about that.

It’s hard to believe that Daniel actually grew up in a kind-of remote part of Brazil, where it was not uncommon to see Christian penitents trying to get their prayers answered bycrawling in the dirt with rocks on their heads (at 2:35). Actually, that kind of makes some weird sense. Total commitment, to partying or self-flagellation, is perhaps the truest part of the Brazilian spirit.


What We Like About The Artist:

One third home-grown tecnobrega beats, one third dark Sao Paulo electronic house, and a third tropical bass. Daniel sings, raps, mumbles, and moans in Portuguese and English about his feelings, and...ok, yeah, mostly sex, drugs and partying.  But in a sensitive way.