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El Guincho
MTV Iggy Presents El Guincho
Barcelona, Spain

El Guincho

First appeared on IGGY: January 06, 2010

El Guincho, also known as Pablo Diaz-Reixa, doesn’t make your typical album, which is why we dig him. There’s instant calm in Spanish singer El Guincho’s tracks and his album Alegranza!, won Pitchfork’s Best New Music in 2007. El Guincho’s latest five-track mini-album Piratas de Sudamérica (Pirates of South America) is no exception. This time he’s doing all Cuban and Puerto Rican covers, including cumbia classic “Cuerpo sin Alma,” “Hindou” and “Frutas del Caney.” On “Mientes” (“You Lie”), he’s joined by Grammy-winning Mexican rocker Julieta Venegas, who is departing from her deliberate, folky and non-experimental norm in favor of muted, tropical electronica.

El Guincho takes songs that were originally intended for dancing or falling in love and turns them into surreal, not-so-accessible works of art. The song “Marimba” is the most bizarre, featuring the slow-motion vocals of Spanish rocker Adrián de Alfonso and, of course, the marimba. He samples the three most relaxing sounds ever– tropical beats, traditional South American songs and psychedelic undertones–creating a sleepy beach party in your own home.