Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Glen Check
MTV Iggy Presents Glen Check
Seoul, South Korea

Glen Check

Glen Check (글렌체크)

Members: June One Kim (Vocals, Guitar), Kang Hyuk Jun (synth and bass) and Ryu Jeon Yeol (drums)

Meet one of the fastest rising rookie bands of Seoul’s live music scene: Glen Check. Signed to Jaurim’s Soundholic label, this thoughtful young trio (all in their early 20s) straddles multiple genres — they’ve been called everything from electro-rock to synth-rock to indie-dance-pop. Their first full-length album, Haute Couture, is a good sampling of what is fast becoming Glen Check’s signature sound, with the beeping synth lines, liberal use of bass and drums, and vocalist June One’s soft delivery of simple, repetitive English lyrics. Reminiscent of artists like Two Door Cinema Club and Korea’s own Idiotape and THE KOXX, Glen Check is positioned uniquely in Korea’s indie scene, emerging at a time when interest in electronic rock is at an unprecedented high. More than anything though, the band places the most emphasis (and pride) on their live shows, pouring their energy into stage design, developing live sessions, and constantly creating new mixes.

Indie ID: Glen Check

B-Sides Episode 5: Glen Check