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Go Chic
MTV Iggy Presents Go Chic
Taipei, Taiwan

Go Chic

First appeared on IGGY: January 27, 2011

The three ladies (and one dude) in Taipei, Taiwan’s Go Chic don’t seem to care about much besides making raw electro music and effing sh** up. They met and formed the band in 2007 while still in their teens. The members went to the same high school. The track “P.O.D,” off their 2010 debut album I Am Confused, is definitely a Le Tigre-style cold kiss-off addressed to ignorant ex-pat-type westerners hanging out in Asia. “You’re only here ‘cus you’re not cool in the United States,” spits foul-mouthed singer/yeller Ariel Zheng. Ouch! Well, someone had to say it.

The quartet’s disinterest translates into some passionately disaffected dance punk. The kind of thing that’s tailor made for partying until you sweat blood. Their mix of crunchy guitars, harsh synth, and 8-bit style freak-outs — combined with deliciously nasty lyrics — has drawn comparisons to Peaches and Le Tigre. It’s also gotten them on stage for dates with Peaches, Chicks on Speed, and a host of other notorious troublemakers. A lot of their songs about drugs and sex have that youthful nihilism that is actually more reminiscent of Brazil’s CSS than it is of Le Tigre. All that electrified attitude makes Go Chic one of the most well-loved bands in Taipei’s indie scene and continues to build an enthusiastic following abroad. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll come and break stuff in your city soon.

Sounds Like: CSS