Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
MTV Iggy Presents MBLAQ
Seoul, South Korea


When MBLAQ (pronounced M-Black) debuted in October 2009, their arrival on the K-pop scene was widely publicized and highly anticipated — they were Rain’s protégées, after all. Handpicked and produced by the K-pop superstar himself, the five members – Seungho, Lee Joon, G.O, Mir and Chundoong – had all eyes on them. (Not to mention that Chundoong’s older sister is 2NE1’s Dara and Mir’s older sister is actress Go Eun Ah. Member G.O. was previously a part of R&B trio TYKEYS a couple years back, while Lee Joon played the younger version of Rain in Hollywood action flick “Ninja Assassin.”)  Talk about pressure. But the boys passed expectations with their hot debut single “Oh Yeah.” MBLAQ, which stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality, quickly rose in popularity for their superior dance skills and charismatic stage presence. Remind you of anyone?

MBLAQ knows where their strengths lie, promoting with intense tracks like “It’s War” and powerful ballads like “Cry,” that allow for creative choreography that showcases their impressive dance skills (and Lee Joon’s body). Pick any song off an MBLAQ album and you’ll find a well-produced track that highlights their different charms, be it a gentle R&B track like “Scribble,” where you really get a feel for MBLAQ as singers, or the playful “I Don’t Know” that hints towards the goofy side of MBLAQ seen on variety shows.


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