Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
MTV Iggy Presents OvO
Milan, Italy


First appeared on IGGY: December 15, 2010

OvO has toured the world and released several albums on different labels over the last decade. Word just got out that they’ve signed to Supernatural Cat and that they’ll be releasing their next chunk of recorded malevolence, Cor Cordium. There is definitely something creepy-folktale enchanting about OvO’s sludgy sound. Endlessly dread locked singer/guitar player Stefania Pendretti growls and gargles the lyrics like a lady werewolf going through her monthly transformation. But it’s every bit as mind-meltingly sexy as when Bomba Estereo’s Li Saumet goes into her snarl. For reference, listen to Ostkreuz off 2008′s Croce Via.

These two noisemongers have a delicious edge of black metal in their mutant sound but it’s not the wintry, white face paint kind; it’s like black metal filtered through stylish Italian horror from the ’70s a lá Suspiria.  So, okay, it’s not magic. They’re awesomeness is explicable in totally empirical terms. They have penchant for performing in white masks with weird barbells hanging off them, their name looks like a freaky owl is staring at you, and even their seven-minute doom drones maintain enough groove to keep the body music people interested. Mostly though, they’re plain evil, and we love it.

Sounds Like: La Suspiria