Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
MTV Iggy Presents Skrillex
Los Angeles, United States


2011 Best New Band Finalist



Sometimes, blessings really do come in disguise.

For LA electronic mastermind Sonny Moore, a very disguised blessing came in the form of severe vocal problems in 2007. His illness and subsequent surgery rendered him unable to sing in his successful alt-rock group, From First to Last.

What’s the blessing? We got Skrillex instead.

After leaving his band and gigging around LA for a few years on his own, Skrillex became an emerging electronic superstar (no vocals needed!) through his debut EP My Name is Skrillex. His densely glitchy, schizophrenic dubstep and house beats — called complextro, depending on who you talk to — melted the faces off anyone who dared enter the club. With that, he caught the attention of the famous mouse-headed Deadmau5, who invited Skrillex on a US tour in 2010.

His next EP was Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, an apt reference to the abrupt shifts — from sweet synthesizers to evil grinding wobbles — on the title track. The EP hit #89 on Billboard, and #1 on the US Heatseekers Album chart. The followup, More Monsters and Nice Sprites, charted only slightly lower. His climb to electro superfame may not be a straight shot, but with a Deadmau5 connect and electro addicts clinging to his every blip, it’s certainly not far.