Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Sonidero Travesura
MTV Iggy Presents Sonidero Travesura
Tijuana, Mexico

Sonidero Travesura

Electro-cumbia duo Sonidero Travesura rock parties in true Tijuanense style but never take things too seriously. The group, whose two central members are keyboardist Dardin Coria and drummer Omar Lizarraga, uses cumbia sonidera culture as an inspirational starting point. The souped-up Mexican variant of cumbia incorporates an assortment of instruments from organs and electric guitar to accordions and brass. Lizarraga and Coria usually round out their live shows with musical guests ranging from DJs to trumpet players.

The name roughly translates to “playful” or “mischievous sound system.” The duo chose the name to evoke the spirit of neighborhood cumbia party in Tijuana. Some of their inspirations are very local, but these freewheeling musicians are, in fact, mischief makers without borders, blending classic salsa, Hi-NRG, and guaguanco into their music. They think of it as a mezcolanza, an aesthetic that crystallizes on epic dance tracks like “Pachanga Latina.”

In keeping with their inclusive approach, Sonidero Travesura has shared the stage with groups as diverse as Nortec Collective and The Rapture.

Hot, genetically modified electro cumbia in the Mexican style combined with tropical sounds from all over. A sense of fun shines through with every pulse of the synthesizer.