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The Bilz & Kashif
MTV Iggy Presents The Bilz & Kashif
Montreal, Canada

The Bilz & Kashif

Six years ago, Pakistani-Canadian Kashif Khan was writing songs in French for his popular Montreal-based R&B boy band, InMotion. But when Kashif’s contract ended, he turned to his childhood friend, Vishal Urva (aka DJ Vicious), to explore new projects that touched on their South Asian roots. DJ Vicious collaborated with his college buddy Master-D (Subir Dev) as The Bilz (Brothers-in-Lawz), so pretty soon the trio released a handful of mixtapes, successfully remixing Hindi songs into sexy urban jams. In 2006, The Bilz produced a self-titled album of original material which featured Kashif on seven of the thirteen tracks.
AR Rahman

The single “2 Step Bhangra,” married Kashif’s smooth vocals to the DJ/Producer’s crisp beats and instantly shot to the top of the Canadian charts. A spate of hit singles later, the album also garnered them a worldwide fanbase and the nickname “North America’s Most Wanted.” Ever since then, the group – now officially named The Bilz & Kashif – has topped Beyonce and Justin Timberlake on the Canadian charts, and pushed the bhangra-hip-hop-R&B fusion known as urban desi further into the club banger/wedding reception mainstream. A truly pan-South Asian trinity (Kashif is Pakistani, Master D is Bangladeshi, and Vicious is Indian), The Bilz & Kashif are poised to chase Jay Sean up the international charts and maybe even surpass his achievements. After all, isn’t that why they called the second album Breaking Barriers?

Sounds Like: Nelly Chris Brown