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MTV Iggy Presents Yuna
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Alor Setar, Malaysia


First appeared on IGGY: January 10, 2011

2011 Best New Band Finalist

Independent singer-songwriter Yunalis Zarai, best known as just Yuna, is conquering Malaysia with her acoustic guitar and winning folk pop tunes. She enchants listeners with the gentle warble in her voice, a bit of Feist’s soul and subtlety, and Mirah’s warmth. She also has her countrywoman Zee Avi’s flair for old-timey pop songcraft.

Her rapidly evolving sound can be incredibly stripped-down and intimate, as it is on the title track to her 2010 debut full-length Decorate, or it can have a sophisticated ’60s pop feel. Yuna started out humbly, by putting her songs up online. Such is her raw talent that a few tracks uploaded to a Myspace profile were all it took for her to launch a music career. Since those early days in 2006 she has assembled a band and an army of enchanted fans. In a measure of her growing success, “Decorate” is even available in Malaysian 7-Elevens. Guess 7-Elevens are cooler there.

Singing in English and Malaysian, the quiet power of her songs is reaching far beyond Malaysia. Yep, she has all the qualities required for pop stardom — and that includes the skills to work the business side of things: she studied law, started her own record label and co-owns the clothing boutique IAMJETFUEL.

This complex, funny, charming young woman (she once described her music as “a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay”) also has a drop-dead glamorous side. Muslim fashion blogs love her for the creative ways that she wears a tudung, the traditional Malaysian headscarf. (Check out her elegant and modest styles on Lookbook.)

Photo by MTV IGGY/Nick Gascoine

Sounds Like: Mirah Feist