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15& Prepare for K-Pop Star Comeback

15& Prepare for K-Pop Star Comeback
Image: JYP Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | April 2, 2013

SBS’s K-Pop Star is about to undergo another alumni invasion! JYP Entertainment‘s rookie duo 15&, home to last year’s top contestant Park Jimin, is making a comeback next week, and the first live performance will be on the very stage that started it all.

Just like 2012 runner up (and incredibly popular solo act) Lee Hi did early last month, 15&’s first comeback performance will be broadcast on air during the K-Pop Star 2 finale episode. According to JYP, the duo’s new single “Somebody” has an edgier concept than their debut track “I Dream.”

Have you been keeping up with the talented Park Jimin / Baek Yerin duo these last few months? They may not have been promoting official singles, but their YouTube channel is populated with covers and practice videos that really show off their skills.

Stay tuned for 15&’s comeback single “Somebody” on April 7.

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