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2 Videos 1 Song, Thanks Junkie XL and DATAROCK

2 Videos 1 Song, Thanks Junkie XL and DATAROCK

By Amy Andrieux | November 15, 2012

Things just got better in music video land. Just days before the release of Synthesized, his first album in four years, Dutch electronic producer and musician Junkie Xl unveils two brand spanking new videos for “Gloria.” And guess who’s joining him for the ride? Fredrik Saroea of DATAROCK…

Get ready for some priceless comedy as the two videos venture down memory lane—the first takes a low-fi jab at a ’90s sitcom (which isn’t so hard to figure out once you hear the bell *ahem*), while the second sees granddad and Gma trying to survive in a post-analog world (read digital, people). One word of warning before you dive in though: This high school chant of a hook will infect you. So if you don’t want to find yourself calling out another woman’s name, you might want to find Gloria yourself.

Watch the videos below:

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