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A New Cult Classic Film by The Bullitts?

A New Cult Classic Film by The Bullitts?

By Amy Andrieux | November 8, 2012

That’s right homies, Jeymes Samuel never sleeps. Enter his latest opus, They Die By Dawn, a shoot’em up bang-bang western film, set to the rhythms of The Bullitts. And guess who shows up to play cowboy? A slew of folks from the beloved musical muse Erykah Badu to femme fatale Rosario Dawson. Even The Wire‘s Michael K. Williams makes an appearance, as does Giancarlo Esposito, and Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy fame.

And here you thought Posse was enough to move the crowd… With a cast full of notables, brilliant cinematography and a wicked script (written and directed by Samuel) that flips Hollywood’s idea of a spaghetti Western on it’s axis, this movie is bold and there’s nothing out there like it. Early projections? Instant cult classic status.

Watch the trailer below.

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