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Afrikaans Is Dead

Afrikaans Is Dead

By Marlon Bishop | November 26, 2012

“Afrikaans is dead” – or so proclaims our favorite Afrikaans rapper, the inimitable Jack Parow. Afrikaans, of course, is the Dutch-derived language spoken widely in South Africa. Recently, the rough-and-tumble culture of white, working-class Afrikaaners has gotten some international shine from artists like Parow and Die Antwoord, who each parody it in distinct ways.

We’ve been following Jack Parow ever since he gave us a great interview in Cape Town last year, and we’re happy to report he’s back with a new music video. With its straight-ahead beat and heavy synth drone, “Afrikaans is Dood” is an old-school fist-pumper of a tune. Lucky for us, there’s a great video to match, once again showcasing the serious visual and design talents available in South Africa right now.

The video follow a classic kung-fu movie plot arc: it opens with our hero tied to a chair in tacky suburban home, as the villain steals Parow’s holy rhyme book and takes flight. Parow manages to escape and sets off in pursuit of the thief, vanquishing various thugs who get in his path along the way. In the end… well, you’ll just have to watch it.

Read our full interview with Jack Parow here.

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