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Ana Tijoux Drops Great Big Elefant Mixtape

Ana Tijoux Drops Great Big Elefant Mixtape

By toksala | February 12, 2011

Grammy-nominated Chilean-French emcee Ana Tijoux (or Anita Tijoux, if you’re in the mood.) just dropped her Elefant mixtape, and made it available as free download at her website.

If you’ve been hearing her name a lot and wondering what the story is, this tape would be a great way to familiarize yourself with her. You could also peep our Q&A with the rapper, who spent her formative years in exile in France with her family, but that will just make you want to hear her music even more.

The tape features deft, crisp production from DJ Tee and mixing from DJ Dacel. It contains remixes of many of her hits, including “1977,” the infectious title track off her critically acclaimed 2010 sophomore album.

Elefant is a smooth hip hop ride characterized by the Tijoux’s eternally unruffled style and  fascinatingly laid-back flow. It is solid and sure-footed and therefore aptly named. Grab it and get up to date before the Grammys. We hear she’ll be performing with The Roots this weekend, so something tells us this is only the beginning of her break out.

Photo Courtesy of Ana Tijoux

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