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Artist of the Week: Malaysia’s The Impatient Sisters

Artist of the Week: Malaysia’s The Impatient Sisters

By Halley Bondy | February 8, 2013

It was a fierce Artist of the Week competition this week, with Malaysia’s The Impatient Sisters and Argentina’s Frikstailers sitting neck and neck the entire week. But in the end, it was the sibling indie-pop trio The Impatient Sisters who stole the crown. Congratulations, ladies!

Though they say they chose their name because they do get impatient (with each other especially) The Impatient Sisters’ music is as laid back as it gets. Their vocal harmonies are soft and sweet as a box full of kittens and their melodies for guitar are as soothing and romantic as a lilac-scented summer breeze. Mixing in glockespiel, egg shaker, ukulele, and kazoo, they create delicate textures that help keep things interesting, but it’s their clear voices that will hold your attention with a surprisingly strong grip.

Congratulations again to these highly deserving winners, and take a look at their tell-all Q&A. Then watch them perform their original single “Comets and Stars” live on the indie show Wknd.


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