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Artist of the Week: Uruguay’s Electro-Ballroom Builders, CAMPO

Artist of the Week: Uruguay’s Electro-Ballroom Builders, CAMPO

By Halley Bondy | December 14, 2012

Already armed with a Latin Grammy-award winning, US Billboard-charting band member, and an Academy Award-winning engineer, Uruguay’s CAMPO might not need the MTV Iggy Artist of the Week win this week, but their rabid fanbase squeaked them by for the victory anyway. Congratulations, CAMPO!

Consisting of himself and five members Martín Rivero, Pablo Bonilla, Verónica Loza, Roberto Rodino and Gabriel Casacuberta, CAMPO define their style as subtropical music, a blend of traditional tropical sound and the urban influence of the marginal neighborhoods in Argentina and Uruguay they grew up in. Forging a connection between tango and hip-hop and sprinkled with electric buzz, CAMPO reflects the dynamic local soundscape, where everything from Michael Jackson to Coldplay to hard cumbia is heard bumping in Montevideo taxis on the streets. CAMPO approaches trendy electro, indie-pop elements with a touch of retro sensitivity, heard on tracks like “In a Dark Room” where current alt-pop pays a visit to a tango ballroom of the past.

Take a look at our interview with the winners, and enjoy their single “Marcha Tropical.”

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