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Artist of the Week: VOTE for your Favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for your Favorite!

By Atiba Rogers | February 1, 2013

It’s the first of the month, and it’s Friday! Are you ready to choose MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week?!

Here’s a compilation of the amazing global bands that made it to the final stretch this week! And will be featured on the MTV Iggy homepage for all Iggyites across the globe. You have until next Friday morning at 11 am EST to vote for your favorite artist using the poll below.

You know the drill: vote, vote, vote — and viva la musica!


The tulle-mouthed DJ/producer duo, Frikstailers is spreading its neo-tropical gospel sounds from Argentina to Mexico City. This February they will be dropping their first ever full-length album, En Son De Paz. The LP blasts fist-pumping tracks from the Argentinean electro-cumbia movement, and they get us shaking our assets at the club.

Jagwar Ma

Fifa 2013 reserved space for Jagwar Ma‘s acid trip, psych-electro track “What Love.” Now the Australian natives are releasing full-length samples of their debut album. The bubble gum pop, psychedelic-driven jams take notes from everyone from The Beach Boys to The Beatles to Animal Collective. It’s beachy pop with an edge — and its not just for sunny days.

Thee Mighty Fevers

If there is a viable successor to the great jet rock ‘n’ roll tradition of Guitar Wolf, it might be virulent new comers Thee Mighty Fevers. With such noxious nuggets as “Good Fuck Good Night” and “Sick on You” on Thee Mighty Fevers’ just-out debut LP Fuck’in Great R ‘n’ R they might be on a punk rock mission of their own. This band is out for kicks and if they champion anything it’s classic punk sneering and the right to be confused and pissed off.

Random Impulse

If the UK outlet SB.TV is sponsoring punky grime MC, Random Impulse, chances are he’s a gem. After making his own lane in the underground music industry, he earned his stripes by having an ear for talent, he was one of the first to ever see that twinkle in Sony Music artist, Chip (aka Chipmunk). You can catch the emotionally-charged guitar player at live shows playing his own instruments just like his best friend, Ed Sheeran, who finally made his mark in the music industry.

The Impatient Sisters

This three sister trio The Impatient Sisters has been gigging around Southeast Asia, rocking festivals, jamming with Zee Avi, and opening for Australian band The Jezabels. Despite being impatient with each other, their indie-pop vocal harmonies are soft and sweet as a box full of kittens and their guitar melodies are as soothing and romantic as a lilac-scented summer breeze.

Voting Booth!

Poll Closed!

And the winner is…

The Impatient Sisters!

Stay tuned for more…

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