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Artist of the Week: VOTE for your Favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for your Favorite!

By Suyeon Kim | July 8, 2011

It’s fiiiiiiiiiiiinally here, the day you’ve been waiting for all week.  The weekend’s coming, and more importantly, it’s your chance to vote in our Artist of the Week poll!

This is a round-up of five of the best global bands we found this week. You have until Monday night at 11:59 p.m. USA Eastern Standard Time to vote for your favorite, using the bottom poll!

On Tuesday morning, the crowned artist will get prime placement on the MTV Iggy homepage marquee, along with a tell-all interview.

Do your democratic duty and VOTE!

French House Mastermind SebastiAn

Sebastian, Total

Photo Courtesy of Ed Banger Records

If you’re getting the feeling that the disco-drenched French house à la Breakbot is too easy to digest, too fun and breezy to help you deal with the weirder moments of post-millenial life, then you’re ready for SebastiAn, the dark horse of the Ed Banger family. Like Breakbot or DJ Mehdi, or Justice before them, SebastiAn knows his headbanging dance tracks: Disco, Prince, r&b, Daft Punk, it’s all in there. But what’s great and weirdly refreshing about SebastiAn is his off-kilter menace, from his self-obsessed album cover to his ability to chainsmoke through entire live shows. So more than just a soundtrack to nod your head to, Total is a mirror of those off days when your nerve endings are raw from humanity’s idiocies.  When you feel pushed around by the world and need to scream back, just flip on some SebastiAn and dance into the darkness.

DOK2 Reps Dirty South Korea


Photo Courtesy of 1llionaire Records

The latest percolation from the Hongdae hip hop scene is the baby-faced, swearing Dok2, whose first full length boasts the mix of raw attitude, strenuous hometown repping, and synth-dance beats that’s put Korean pop hip hop on the map. Dok2 (pronounced “DOH-kee,” meaning ax in Korean) is a child prodigy who’s been rapping in the entertainment industry since 13. At 16 he put out a single with All Black, kind of like a Korean Kriss Kross. A long-time affiliate of the Movement Crew and the likes of Epik High and Drunken Tiger, he’s branched out this year with his own recording company, 1llionaire Records, to release his latest. And Hustle Real Hard shows us what a Korean hip hopper can do. In the first single “It’s Gon’ Shine,” Dok2 raps, “Even though his blood is mixed, no one reps Korea harder.” And we believe it.

Australia’s Ghoul Rock Dubstep


Photo Courtesy of Ghoul

Australia’s Ghoul constitutes a very strange case indeed. With their drum kit and their guitars, these four dour young men appear to be a rock band. And they are, but they often do not sound like one. There are just too many bubbling, clattering sounds and far too much precision for it to be the work of four guys wielding such old fashioned instruments as guitars. But we assure you — those are real skins getting hit. There’s a reason for the electronic feel. These Sydney kids are total beat heads, complete maniacs. The band was listening to a lot of dubstep when they recorded their EP Dunks and ambitiously sought to emulate it. It’s lovely and weird and hard as hell to classify. But as alien as their soundscapes can be, Ghoul maintains a driving dance rock momentum and soulful sensibility that makes their music experimental in only the best sense of the word: that of trying something new.

The Post-Punk of Argentina’s Las Kellies

Las Kellies

Photo Courtesy of Las Kellies

Post-punk can mean a lot of things nowadays, much of it bad. But with Las Kellies’s rambunctious self-titled third album, it means a refreshing, butt-shaking take on all the most laudable, girl-centric DIY bands of the ’80s. They wink at the saucy attitude and pop appeal of ’60s girl groups like Chin Chin did, groove like Delta 5, experiment fearlessly like The Raincoats, skronk like Kleenex, and shriek like the Slits. They play like they were raised since birth on left-of-the-dial feminist radio and a balanced diet high in iron. The album is fun and frenetic and their lyrical kiss-offs to dudes and romantic odes to whisky make these three ladies from Argentina into our new role models. Possibly, we are in love.

Slutterhouse’s Chill Beirut Grooves

Slutterhouse. Photo Credit: Tanya Traboulsi

Photo Credit:Tanya Traboulsi

Maybe you heard Beirut has excellent nightlife. It’s hot and life can get kind of intense there, so knowing how to unwind effectively becomes a major survival skill. Beirut and Paris-based duo Slutterhouse are exemplars of this principle. Lead singer and songwriter Rabih Salloum and producer Nabil Saliba have been engineering the ultimate chill sesh soundtrack since 2006.  The noirish, glittering tracks on their 2009 debut album Made in Dance are a study in cooled-out yet club friendly electropop executed with convincing rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Made in Dance exhibits a mastery of the mid-tempo that makes it really versatile. You can listen to “Drummer Girl” while getting ready, relax at the after party to “Her Face,” and dance all night to their epic calling card “Inside the Station.”


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