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Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

By Lauren Zupkus | September 28, 2012

Obsessed with new music and exercising your right to vote? Perfect! Join MTV Iggy in our favorite part of the week-deciding who will take home the title of “Artist of the Week.”

One of the five rising artists listed below will be voted in by you and Iggyites just like you across the globe. You have until next Friday morning at 9 am EST to vote for your favorite artist using the poll below.

The band with the most votes will be featured on MTV Iggy’s homepage along with a tell-all interview. Time to get Iggy with it!

Shy Panther

Aussie boys Rhien, Ben, Dan and Michael make up Shy Panther, an indie rock band with hints of refined ambiance and psychedelic twang. Released in July, their debut EP Dozens Cloud Wide features resonating, twinkling trip-hop beats reminiscent of the Sneaker Pimps, all tied down by soulful vocals from frontman Dan Fragomeni. Even jazzy at times, Fragomeni’s range brings you from a mellow groove to soaring, improvised runs a la Jamie Cullum. In their single “Erving,” Shy Panther layers the tones on thick, stacking poetic lyrics on top of spacey synth and treading bass riffs.

La Chiva Gantiva

Brussels is the unlikely hometown of one of the dopest new Colombian bands around. La Chiva Gantiva was started by a group of three homesick Colombian students furloughed in Flanders and desperate for some flavor in the rhythmically-deprived confines of Northern Europe. Those three students teamed up with French, Belgian, and even Vietnamese musicians in the area to create a band that merges the rhythms and timbres of Colombian music (big up to the clarinet) with heavy funk and Afrobeat grooves.

Thomas Azier

Unlike many impulsive new musicians in the internet age, Berlin’s Thomas Azier practiced, honed, and tweaked for four years until he felt ready to meet the world with his debut EP Hylas 001. And it shows. The newcomer, who moved to Berlin from a small Holland town at age 19 and is now the ripe old age of 24, clearly learned how to build a track you want to groove to over and over, picking up on brand new nuances each time.

Karin Park

Karin Park is not a new artist by any means. Since the early 2000s, she and her partner in crime—her bassist/drummer and brother, David Park, have been cutting up stages and melodic electronica tunes aplenty. But something happened to the singer/songwriter who grew up in the backwoods of Djura, Sweden between 2004 and 2009. Karin Park went dark, more electro and industrial. Out came the 2009 EP Tiger Dreams and her first album in three years, Highwire Poetry, in 2012.

Electric Eel Shock

Tokyo garage punks Electric Eel Shock have been on that wigged-out grind since 1997, but they won’t quit. Not with so many souls out there to save. The power trio is famed for translating their fanatical devotion to Black Sabbath, The Ramones and all the other black sheep of classic rock into a glorious live show exploding with pyrotechnic solos and degenerate Hendrix vamping. Things might catch on fire. Drummer Tomoharu “Gian” Ito will probably have four drumsticks and no pants. If there’s hope for you at all, Electric Eel Shock could be it.

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