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Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

By Halley Bondy | November 16, 2012

Obsessed with new music and exercising your right to vote? Perfect! Join MTV Iggy in our favorite part of the week-deciding who will take home the title of “Artist of the Week.”

One of the five rising artists listed below will be voted in by you and Iggyites just like you across the globe. You have until next Wednesday morning, November 21st at 10 am EST to vote for your favorite artist using the poll below.

The band with the most votes will be featured on MTV Iggy’s homepage along with a tell-all interview.

Las Amigas de Nadie

Las Amigas De Nadie (translation: The Friends of Nobody) have gone through a lot of stages. Since forming in 2008, the all-lady foursome from the beating rock ‘n’ roll heart of Lima, Peru have made a name for themselves by making sun-soaked indie pop, sassy surf punk, and even, way back in the day, a little bit of girly power pop. Having already succeeded in capturing the hearts of Peruvian rock fans over the last few years, the Amigas have boldly turned in a new direction for their 2012 release, Sincronía. It shows off a moodier, more experimental side of the band, filled with swirling ambiances, electronic drums and twitchy details.

Chui Wan

Chui Wan, a new quartet from Beijing, takes surf rock to a transcendent place. Their debut album White Night is a psychedelic masterpiece that float in a warm solution of liquid jangle, reverberating shoegaze, and psyched-out space rock with a hint of East Asian melody. But it’s the prominent surf guitar leads that makes their sound truly psychoactive. Where most surf-inspired music is raw and blown out, Chui Wan goes in for crystalline guitar tone as hard bright and sweet as that multicolored rock candy that comes on wooden sticks.


Josephine’s voice is a truly rare gem. The Manchester native (borne of Liberian and Jamaican parents) is a contralto, which means that — while she has an impressive range — she sings in the deepest female vocal range on the classical scale. Her new album Portrait is a light-footed stroll through Motown, 60s folk, soul, Afrobeat, and indie-pop. Sometimes, it even sounds as if there’s a great big spotlight on Josephine as she croons a climactic ballad from a Broadway stage. [Photo: Jo Mirrot]

Bo Ningen

They may live in London and sing all of their music in Japanese, but that hasn’t stopped Bo Ningen – which, in English, means ‘stick men’ – from gaining an army of dedicated UK fans, and receiving great reviews from the British press. Kohhei (guitar), Taigen (bass, vocals), Mon Chan (drums) and Yuki (guitar) are four long-haired rockers who look as though they’ve just come straight out of the mid-1960s, but their psychedelic rock sound couldn’t be more current.

Young Fathers

Young Fathers, the new Anticon signees, hail from Edinburgh, Scotland, and while you may at times feel a need to lower the bass or have your headphones fixed, don’t. The slight discomfort is what makes the trio one of the best hip-hop groups we’ve heard in a long time. Underneath the lo-fi fuzz and liberally lathered-on bass, their beats (provided by the third member, G), are pretty rudimentary, yet it feels like you’re utterly surrounded by dark, hypnotic chaos. And it’s delightful.

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