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Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

By Lauren Zupkus | December 7, 2012

We at MTV Iggy give you one more reason to love Fridays: our weekly Artist of the Week Competetion, awarded by YOU! One of these five rising artists listed below will be voted in by you and Iggyites just like you across the globe. You have until next Friday morning at 10 am EST to vote for your favorite artist using the poll below.

The band with the most votes will be featured on MTV Iggy’s homepage along with a tell-all interview. Time to get Iggy with it!


One of the risingest stars in Ghana today, singer Efya is becoming a byword with a combination of chart topping potency and an independent spirit. Though she rose to fame through the musical reality TV show Stars of Tomorrow, Efya quickly distinguished herself as much more than raw talent and in 2011 she won Best Female vocal performance at the Ghana Music Awards.

Rachel Zeiffira

At seventeen, singer/multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira began building a backstory that would rival even the most assured of Jane Austin’s heroines. On the eve of a performance that would secure her a spot in one of London’s top opera schools, she was accidentally deported from England and forced to return to her native Canada. But, possessing preternatural pluck and minimal savings, she chose to return to the U.K.


Consisting of himself and five members Martín Rivero, Pablo Bonilla, Verónica Loza, Roberto Rodino and Gabriel Casacuberta, CAMPO defines their style as subtropical music, a blend of traditional tropical sound and the urban influence of the marginal neighborhoods in Argentina and Uruguay they grew up in.


No one is safe from Kodaline’s heartwrenching folk acoustic singles. Between the wooing falsetto on lead singer Steve Garrigan, coupled with the lilting, minimal acoustics, their folk is genetically engineered to make a grown man cry. The foursome grew up together in the Irish town of Swords.

Fruits & Veggies

So we know their name sound like a PBS KIDS segment, but whatever you do, do NOT let children anywhere near Fruits & Veggies. After reading their Rolling Stone interview back in October, it was pretty clear that the horny, sleep-deprived and drug-friendly afro-punk band had none of the wholesome, nutritional value their name suggests. Luckily, we’re a music site, not a parenting magazine.

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