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Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for your favorite!

By Halley Bondy | December 14, 2012

Welcome to the weekend! It’s time to choose MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week!

This is a round-up of the best global bands we found this week. You have until next Friday, 11 am, USA Eastern Standard Time to vote for your favorite new artist on MTV Iggy, using the bottom poll!

On Tuesday morning, the band with the most votes will be featured on the MTV Iggy homepage marquee along with a tell-all interview.

Good luck!

Kim Ki O

When Turkish high-school friends Ekin Sanaç and Berna Göl reunited after losing touch for years they started an experimental electropop band. Ekin grabbed a synthesizer, Berna brought her bass, they programmed some beats into an old drum machine and they discovered the gloomy-yet-poppy sound of Kim Ki O. Their slender tracks made from vintage synth and beats take on a dream pop quality from the members’ wispy vocals. It’s lonely sounding stuff, great for spacing out and moping around on those nights when everyone seems to be out of town.


Born and raised in Accra, Ghana but making his mark in London, DeeVS, the young vocalist and rapper (and pharmacy student) is striking out on his own with “Shine,” the first single from The Journey, his much anticipated debut EP from HT Records. Made for dance floors and radio singalongs, “Shine” reflects a little bit of influence from Lagos, Accra and London and that international flavor is a major reason why we expect his EP to make an impact when it arrives in early 2013.


Here’s the recipe of a complete sonic bedlam: saxophone, drums, bass, effects, and VOLUME. This is a lesson we’re learning from Kriget, a three-piece making madness in Scandinavia without the help of keyboard or Ableton. At times they feel like a droning, loud noise band, but they have throbbing beats, digital accents and dramatic, off-kilter melodies that make it closer to electronic dance music, on crack. And without electronics.


Droning organ, a muttered pulse, and whispery, melodic reverbed-out vocals. WALL, the young London producer/singer/songwriter has been noted for her cover of Karen Dalton’s “Something On Your Mind.” Dig deeper and you’ll find original singles with a consistent, intimate glow that sound constructed entirely from London fog — and of course, a studio WALL built herself. Yes, every dribble, every atmospheric ping, every gorgeous wavering falsetto note is brewed deliberately in her carefully-assembled lair. Ain’t nothin wrong with an acoustic nerd.


Koji is one of those dudes who prefers to just grab his acoustic and head out to fuck some shit up. For extra punk points, being a one-man band is egalitarian too. All your friends (and anyone in the audience, really) can join your band instantly just by singing along or maybe backing you up on drums if there’s a kit around. The young artist, activist and singer-songwriter is a single-name act but he’s not about being an island. with activities like his contribution to The Voice Project he seeks to raise awareness about the plight of child soldiers while helping to work for peace.

Voting Booth!

Poll Closed! And the Winner is….KRIGET! Stay tuned for more.

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