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Artist of the Week: VOTE for Your Favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for Your Favorite!

By Halley Bondy | January 11, 2013

It’s Friday!!! Go home!… but, not before you vote for MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week. THEN you can go.

We spend all day, every day looking for new artists from around the world, and we want to know who stands out. One of the five rising artists listed below will become our exalted Artist of the Week, as selected by you and other Iggyites across the globe. You have until next Friday morning at 11 am EST to vote for your favorite artist using the poll below.

The band with the most votes will be featured on MTV Iggy’s homepage along with a très revealing interview. You know what to do!


Argentine vocalist Luciana Della Villa and Spanish producer Sergio Pérez of Pegasvs came up with their name after stargazing in Asturias, Spain, and chancing upon the Pegasus constellation each night. Little wonder their dreamy, calming kraut-pop debut album conjures the feeling of being a child in the 80s, looking at the stars and receiving imaginary, totally friendly transmissions.

Elizabeth Rose

The music of Sydney’s Elizabeth Rose fits in the nu-pop annals of Charli XCX. She’s not dropping woozy hipster pop; it’s definitely unabashed top 40 pop at times, only with brazen, gif-era electronic moves. Elizabeth produces her own shit, which is even cooler since she’s only 22, and because her new EP Crystallise is exceptional.


UK’s Peace are perverse, art-damaged and baroque in the style of ’60s psych and glam rock. (It doesn’t hurt that frontman Harrison Koisser can sound a bit like Marc Bolan from T. Rex.) Though their 2012 EP Delicious is brief, listening the whole way through means getting hit with half a century’s worth of counter cultural head trips at once.


UK grime, dubstep and Caribbean gospel, Aaliyah, Timbaland and UB40 — these sounds and artists have heavily influenced and inspired Troumaca – a five-piece indie outfit from Birmingham, England – to create their “sun-drenched tropical blissdom” sound. The band was signed by Gilles Peterson, who is one of the UK’s go-to broadcasters and DJs for new music. But Troumaca had already been causing a stir in with their DIY-style videos and Gems EP.


Formed in 2006 and taking Spain’s underground scene by storm ever since, HATEM’s indie rock oozes poetry. Reminiscent of Fleet Foxes’s earthy, harmony-rich style, HATEM cites old, spiritual a cappella songs as a main source of influence to their sound.  To break down HATEM’s acronym, “Hola A Todo El Mundo” is Spanish for “hello to all the world,” a line the band members borrowed from a poem by Walt Whitman.

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