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Australian Electro Band Cut Copy Rejects Lady Gaga

Australian Electro Band Cut Copy Rejects Lady Gaga

By toksala | June 17, 2010

Nobody says no to Lady Gaga.

Except for Australian electro rockers Cut Copy, who could seem to care less that the mega mega megastar squared asked the band to tour with her for a year.

“We were simultaneously repulsed but also tantalized by the idea of touring with her for a whole year,” Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford told Pitchfork. “To be honest, I don’t listen to the radio at all. I get a lot of stuff online and the rest is all old records. I don’t really know her music that well…I don’t think we ever seriously thought we’d do it.”

What?!! You don’t know Lady Gaga’s music that well? Are you living in a cave? She’s everywhere! You can’t tell me the “Roma Ro Ma Ma Ga Ga Oo La La” sequence wasn’t haunting your dreams earlier this year, or that you haven’t considered buying an obscene,  gigantic pair of sunglasses lately.

If you could get off your hipster high horses for two seconds, you and Lady Gaga actually have plenty in common. You’re both fun to dance to. You’ve both achieved fame with just two albums under your belts. Hell, even your Bright Like Neon Love debut album cover looks like her.

I understand that you want to keep the T-shirt-wearing, unshaven indie appeal, but you’re depriving us all of a truly epic concert. Can you imagine? Your hot new wave disco tune  “Lights & Music” accompanied by a live, onstage nun/military orgy scene like the one in Gaga’s “Alejandro” video? Don’t you feel like your set was missing some bizarre, sexy, pant-less theatrics?

And what else are you working on anyway? Your unnamed third album slated for January?

Oh, right. Yeah, you’re definitely working on that. Can’t wait til it’s finished, although…you might need to salvage your pop culture street cred with a “Pokerface” sampling or two.

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