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Azari & III’s Moody “Indigo”, The Remix Collection

Azari & III’s Moody “Indigo”, The Remix Collection

By Amy Andrieux | January 29, 2013

Toronto club kids Alixander III, Dinamo Azari, Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full (yes, that ishis name), better known as Azari & III, can’t stop—won’t stop, apparently. And with the release of their latest collection of remixes for their moody dance record, “Indigo”, the boys have officially now taken over the night. (Expect one from Konrad Black, Serge Santiago, and oh yes, the dub mix version.) So don’t be surprised when you hear  about how  they rocked the Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2013 show just a few days ago. And if you’re really on game, you’ll cop your ticket to see them at SXSW now.

Listen to “Indigo” below:

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