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Bands On Tour: Teresa Lee of PaperDoll Blogs about Shanghai’s Magazines, Haircuts

Bands On Tour: Teresa Lee of PaperDoll Blogs about Shanghai’s Magazines, Haircuts

By toksala | August 6, 2010

Here are the latest blogs from New York City band PaperDoll’s Teresa Lee, from her tour in Shanghai! To read her last blog, click here!


We’ve spent most of the day giving interviews to a bunch of Shanghai magazines. It’s awesome that people here are interested in the band. Mostly – they’re asking about our single “Anything At All” in Chinese – why we did a song in Mandarin, who translated, what we’ve seen in Shanghai so far.

It’s great that we’re getting a ton of press in Shanghai. I was really excited because some one mentioned that I even had a photo spread in Time Out Shanghai. I got a copy at Amokka – a cafe we’ve been using as our home base for interviews – and flipped through the pages. There was an article about our Frexh show and I found a photo with the caption “Teresa Lee from PaperDoll”. Only, the photo wasn’t me! HAHA! The girl’s pretty hot, so I really don’t mind.


Cymbals … Simple?

PaperDoll guitarist Patrick Moloney hunts unsuccessfully for cymbals. Photo Credit:Teresa Lee

The past two days have been a blur of more interviews, searching for drum cymbals, mixed in with a bit of sightseeing.

Who would have thought we’d have trouble finding a set of cymbals for Friday’s show? I’m pretty sure most cymbals are made here … in fact cymbals were invented in China. So, we started in a music shop in Pu Dong - where Patrick got very distracted by the guitars and cool traditional instruments. When we were on our way to the next shop –  I noticed a boy with and awesome happy face shaved into the back of his head. So, even though we were on a mission, I had to stop and take a photo of it. He was super cute and funny – kept saying “You’re welcome! You’re welcome!” His mom and sister (in the background) were really nice too.

A 5-year-old boy in Shanghai with the coolest haircut ever. Photo Credit:Teresa Lee

So after that awesome-hair-photo-op, we went back to our search. On our way to another music store, this nice lady goes up to Patrick and gestures at him with her camera. He reached for the camera thinking she wants him to take a snap shot of her with her daughter. But she pulls it away and points at her 5-year-old saying “You with her”. Turns out she thought it’d be funny to take a photo with a random white dude…I still maintain that they were PaperDoll fans and can’t wait to see them at our next show. After they leave, Patrick turns to me and says “I totally forgot I was white”.

So, two days till the show and still no cymbals … maybe Chip can beat box a cymbal sound?

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