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Brandt Brauer Frick Team Take on Handmade Techno for 2nd Album

Brandt Brauer Frick Team Take on Handmade Techno for 2nd Album

By Suyeon Kim | August 25, 2011

Could there be a more apt name for a German experimental electronic classical music group than The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble?  Their Teutonic/orchestral name must be a good luck charm, because for their second album, the trio of Herrs Brandt, Brauer, and Frick has ballooned into a full-on sports team, growing ever awesomer in their pursuit of the ultimate techno meets chamber music vibe.

For Mr. Machine BBF have ditched the computers that helped them out in You Make Me Real, reinterpreting the songs from their debut with an all-live, all-orchestral, all-marimba (well, a lot of marimba) orchestration. Their classically-trained players go through about 80 pages of sheet music per track. Wow, handmade minimal techno turns out to be just as intricate, but way cheaper, than that bespoke organic wool sweater I’ve been ogling on Etsy.

Bonus: dubstep diva Emika guests on BBF’s cover of her single, “Pretend,” adding one more human element to the mechanically organic track.

Mr. Machine will be out on October 25 on !K7 Records. For now, watch the promo and be compelled/freaked-out by the ensemble’s obsession with wax body parts fused with lightbulbs, cranks, and wires:

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