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British Punk Pop Band Klaxons’ New Release “Flashover” is Scary

British Punk Pop Band Klaxons’ New Release “Flashover” is Scary

By toksala | May 27, 2010

It took three years for the Klaxons to release their new single “Flashover,” and judging by the song’s thrashy GWAR tone, they’re pretty mad about the delay.

The foursome British band used to wear skinny jeans, mod ‘dos and adorable smiles. Their first album Myths of the Near Future garnered tons of awards for its prog rock, punk and electro-pop mishmash.

Their signature falsetto vocals kept their songs on a positive upswing, despite the manic industrial goth hints. Try as you might, you couldn’t exactly dance to the Klaxons, but every DJ and their mothers sampled them. Aussie DJ Van She, Belgium’s Soulwax and L.A.’s Guns N’ Bombs used the tune “Gravity’s Rainbow” to up their club cred.

Since 2007, everyone was eagerly awaiting their next big thing: the second album, Surfing the Void.

The album’s release was delayed last year when Brit label Polydor Records deemed it too experimental, forcing them to scrap their work and start again.

I’d say, Polydor failed at direction. “Flashover” is a far, violent angry cry from Myths, and it’s not like they’ve grown. Listening to “Flashover” is like listening to a Rob Zombie song, if the man were as pretty as the Klaxons.

There are traces of the band’s roots in the verses’ repeating arpeggios and outerspace laser vamps toward the end of the song, but their famous falsetto is trounced by a shouting frontman. They even lost the jeans and boyish appeal on the album’s cover, which is a demure image of the band sitting in a cave, looking totally pissed.

I would like to see DJs try to touch “Flashover,” but it would take a mad scientist to convert it into anything rave-able (although you can’t help but head bang).

We’re still looking forward to the album’s release, but judging by the single, the Klaxons have lost sight of what makes them truly original. Let’s just hope they don’t lose their way in a mosh pit somewhere.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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