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Brooke Candy Proves that White Girls Can Rap

Brooke Candy Proves that White Girls Can Rap

By Joseph JP Patterson | February 13, 2013

Finally, a white girl rapper who can actually spit! Brooke Candy grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but her penchant for all things ghetto has definitely given everyone a different perspective of the area known for its high-maintenance. Oh, and she’s also a former stripper.

Candy’s two previous tracks and videos, “Das Me” and “Everybody Does”, helped put her on the global music and fashion maps: her cyber-goth style has made her an icon in the seapunk scene, while her sex-fuelled lyrics has been praised as paying homage to Lil Kim. Here’s Brooke Candy’s new offering, “I Wanna Fuck Right Now.” Be prepared to be shocked…


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