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Compressorhead Rules, is Literally Made of Metal

Compressorhead Rules, is Literally Made of Metal
Courtesy of artist

By Beverly Bryan | January 8, 2013

Below is a video of Compressorhead playing the Motörhead classic “Ace of Spades.” With origins in Germany’s Robocross Machines labs, the robo rock trio is easily the heaviest metal band of all time, in the sense that its members collectively weigh six tons. Being robots, they are naturally trve metal.

They’ve got Pantera and AC/DC in their repertoire too. With their “oil is thicker than blood” rhetoric, they do seem bent on dominating the “meatbag” music scene. (And eventually subjugating all of humanity?) Drummer Stickboy has four arms and guitar player Fingers has 78 digits with which to shred. They should be pretty unstoppable, but so far they don’t even play any originals. Creativity is one thing our robotic  future overlords haven’t yet mastered.

Still, this is more than an amazing video on the Internet. This is happening. Compressorhead will be playing Australia’s Big Day Out festival this summer. Quake in fear, puny humans.

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