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Daedelus’ International Mixtape Travels Through Time

Daedelus’ International Mixtape Travels Through Time

By toksala | January 27, 2011

To start off 2011, LA’s wizard of rhythmic abstraction Daedelus released this mix for International Tapes, who we dug on not long ago.

If you’ve heard any of his stuff before, you’ve surmised that the guy has some pretty unexpected tastes for a pioneer hip hop musician.

The word “eclectic” barely comes close to describing the seemingly random track choice that Daedelus blends. In his signature style, things get weird sounding every two to three minutes. You can’t stop listening because you want to hear what direction he’s going.

At one point, a Bjork remix blends seamlessly into a Drake song, which switches to a song by AC Slater (not that AC Slater), which somehow fades into “Strawberry Fields.” What?! Exactly. This is one you have to hear to believe.

Check out the mix here.

Photo credit: Daedelus/MySpace

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