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Dahlia Black Take us to Hell

Dahlia Black Take us to Hell

By Joseph JP Patterson | February 7, 2013

It’s nowhere near Halloween yet, but I have something to show you that’ll make you shit your briefs. If you thought the rap world had been completely hypnotized by the emotional man dem, then think again. North London’s Blue Daisy and Hey!Zeus make up Dahlia Black, a new rap outfit signed to 37 Adventures (the team behind the now-defunct 679 Recordings), and they’ve created one of the most sinister-sounding tracks to ever grace my eardrums.

“Fuck A Rap Song” is simple, but very effective. Although Blue Daisy’s production is minimalistic, it remains bass-heavy, with hints of grime and that ringing bell thingy that was used in lots of dubstep tunes back in the day – you know, when it was good. Sex, drugs, violence, religion and the afterlife was on the rappers’ minds when it came to writing their bars down, and their whispering flows just adds to the hellishness of it all. Man, Lucifer went to town on these guys! We ain’t mad, though.


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