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Das Racist Is At The Big Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell In The Sky

Das Racist Is At The Big Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell In The Sky
Photo courtesy of the artist

By Beverly Bryan | December 3, 2012

Maybe we all felt it in our bones. Das Racist was too intellectually incandescent, too chemically unstable, too weird to last. After releasing their long awaited, and pretty darn crispy, debut album Relax in September, rappers Heems, Kool A.D. and hypeman Dapwell are going their separate ways. Their Wikipedia page already describes them in the past tense even.

Heems dropped the bomb yesterday during a concert in Munich. It was supposed to be a Das Racist show but it ended up just being a Heems show. Kool A.D. revealed later via Twitter that, as far as the band was concerned, this was all so seven months ago.

In some ways it comes as a surprise. They just put out a video for “Girl” and did that Mishka snapback. But, in other ways, there were definitely signs. Kool A.D. has been kind of obviously launching a solo career complete with a tour and both he and Heems released mixtapes independently this year. Even hypeman Dapwell has gotten up to all manner of things including appearing in the film Dosa Hunt alongside Heems. Also, something called Winky Taterz.

We’re slightly let down, so, you know, holler at us if you think this is actually just another gag and that the trio will be back to mess with us some more shortly. But judging by this Kool A.D. video, the post-Das Racist future might be okay after all.

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