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Dearling Physique Announces EP Series

Dearling Physique Announces EP Series

By Beverly Bryan | August 24, 2011

This just in, the follow up to Dearling Physique’s iconoclastic pop debut Deadeye Dealer will be three EPs! The first EP Tracing the Alphabet Part 1 will be out Friday, October 14. We’re stoked because, if we know anything about musical mastermind Domino Davis, there’s going to be a big beautiful concept behind all of it — maybe even a story.

Best of all, it could well be a story we’ll want to dance to. The first single “Up All Night” is out now and available for free download and it boasts some bold beats, the kind dancefloors love. It’s got the energy, and the seductive glamor of “True Faith” era New Order. We can only hope there’s a video on the way.

Photo courtesy of Fanatic Promotion/credit Benjamin John (William Clark Studio)


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