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DJ Afrojack Takes on Official Remix of “Gangnam Style”

DJ Afrojack Takes on Official Remix of “Gangnam Style”
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By Corynn Smith | November 21, 2012

What would you do if world pop sensation Psy personally came looking for you to produce a record for him? Freak out a little, right? Yeah, DJ Afrojack had a bit of a moment after he was sought out to produce a remix of Psy’s massive international hit.

In a recent interview, the Dutch DJ and producer talked a little about his recording process, while also revealing his feelings about being the only guy authorized to create an official remix of “Gangnam Style.” “Remixing something so big, is so scary. But on the other hand, I’m flattered. …I’ll figure something cool out.” That’s the spirit, Jack.

Afrojack Reveals PSY “Gangnam Style” Remix Coming

For those who can’t wait for an official release, you’re in luck. Afrojack premiered the track at Chicago’s Congress Theater late last week, and we might have noticed a fan cam or two on YouTube.

Of course, this isn’t Afrojack’s first foray into K-pop. Oh no, he also tackled a sweet remix of Wonder Girls’ “The DJ is Mine” in August. 

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