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DJ UMB’s Transnational Dubstep is as Slick as Expected

DJ UMB’s Transnational Dubstep is as Slick as Expected

By toksala | January 5, 2011

In the very recent past, we told you about Generation Bass’ Transnational Dubstep compilation mixed by DJ UMB. When we first got word of this project, all we had to go on was the 25 minute minimix available to the public as a little appetizer for what was to come. Well, it’s still to come, but we got an advance listen. Bet you wish you were us!

And you totally do, because the nastiness previewed in the minimix plays out to one of the dopest dubstep mixes we’ve ever heard. That’s not hyperbole, that’s the power of transnational musical styles brought together over the one rhythmic style that can hold them all on the same canvas.

In addition to the stuff we heard previously, there’s infusion of jazz manouche, cumbia, and French cafe music, with accordians and everything, all set the the jittery slam of crunk-a$$ dubstep beats. Stand out tracks are Shem’s “Only Human” with it’s guzheng sample, Barbarix’s “Shiva Step” with dueling real and synthetic bansuris, and the ill-titled “Bukkake” by Syndaesia, taking the vibe to Turkey (hopefully it means something different in Turkish than it does in Japanese).

So that’s our confirmation that Transnational Dubstep is totally sick nasty, and that your anticipation should continue to increase until it’s official release in February.

Transnational Dubstep sampler

Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep Compilation Promo (Excerpt/Taster Mix) – 1 FEB 2011 by djumb

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