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Drum n Bass Via The Upbeats… INSANE!

Drum n Bass Via The Upbeats… INSANE!

By Amy Andrieux | January 30, 2013

Have you heard “Diffused” yet? Killer track. Killer vid. And while we don’t know WTF is being said in the sample (we get lost after “Lost in the Burden…”), this joint is CRACK! Of course the Wellington, New Zealand native—Jeremy Glenn and Dylan Jones, to be specific— are brought to you by the ever so popular Dutch electronic trio NOISIA and their record label, Vision Recordings.

The Upbeats’ “Diffused” is out now on iTunes and vinyl. Stay tuned for more from the pair… we smell a couple more winners up their sleeves. In the meantime follow them on Twitter, listen in on Soundcloud and LIKE them on Facebook.

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