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El Guincho Is An Electro Style Icon?

El Guincho Is An Electro Style Icon?

By toksala | October 29, 2010

We love El Guincho’s tropical-inflected electro stylings. But we’ve never thought of the mop-headed, super-casual Spanish artist as a candidate for a style profile or anything.

Sure, he always looks great, but when we saw him performing at the Mercury Lounge in New York, he was wearing a white t-shirt. The focus was definitely on his highly-danceable, highly-catchy music.

But T Magazine seems to disagree with us. They just ran a fairly substantial interview questioning the man, whose real name is Pablo Díaz-Reixa, about his fashion tastes and choices. As it turns out, he does have tastes. (He likes Mistral equipment?) But the accompanying  photo shows him looking perfectly and predictably tousled, cold chillin’ on a beach in yet another white t-shirt. Or is it the same one?

But he certainly does look debonair. He just doesn’t seem to have done anything much to achieve that look. That must be what people mean by “effortless style.” Maybe T Magazine is on to something. Either way congratulations to one of our favorites on being paid such a compliment!

MTV Iggy/Gulshan Kirat

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