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Everyone’s Favorite Gypsy is Back. *Waves to Neon Hitch*

Everyone’s Favorite Gypsy is Back. *Waves to Neon Hitch*

By Amy Andrieux | January 14, 2013

The fire-headed siren is clearly making moves. After winning her way into our heads with tunes like “Gold” (the video is below) and her feature on GCH’s “Ass Back Home,” the singer/songwriter  who is nothing short of rebellious has released a new EP. Enthusiastically titled Happy Neon, apparently someone’s rather ecstatic about living on cloud nine.

Here’s the tracklisting for your viewing pleasure:

1.    The Bus (Intro)

2.    Pink Fields

3.    Midnight Sun (Ft. Marilyn Monroe)

4.    The Wizard / Believe

5.    Jailhouse

6.    Born to Be Remembered

Can’t wait to hear it? You can head here to listen to Happy Neon now. But if you want to download the 6-track EP, the wait is a wee bit longer friends. Try like tomorrow via Neon Hitch’s site here. Happy hunting.



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