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Ezekiel Talks Remix EP, Buraka Som Sistema, y Más!

Ezekiel Talks Remix EP, Buraka Som Sistema, y Más!

By Halley Bondy | January 14, 2013

We love Mexico’s rising producer Ezekiel. Ever since dropping his nasty nasty electro dance EP Life Begins at Night in July, he’s been hard at work — networking, clearly. For the remix EP, released today, Buraka Som Sistema’s Branko reworked his track “Short Shorts.” We found out how they hooked up.

“Branko wrote me, said he loved ‘Drop Ur Ass,’ then I saw they posted the video on Buraka som Sistema’s Facebook page,” he tells us. “I went crazy because I love the band so it’s like a dream came true! I did a collaboration with Branko too, coming soon, and I’m currently working on a remix for Orelha Negra (Fred from Buraka’s other band).”

The EP features “Short Shorts,” “Drop Ur Ass,” and “Irreversible,” with other remixes from Javier Estrada, Big Dope P, Eloq, Pacheco, and XS. As for the name of the EP, Life Begins at Night, we asked Ezekiel about his:

“I used to have a ‘vampiric’ lifestyle, and now I realize everything comes from shadows, darkness and night itself — and you don’t have to live in the night to feel it….Now I wake early but, when night comes…when I go out to spin or just contemplate the night, I feel the experience more intense than in the past.”

Stream and buy Ezekiel’s remix Ep, Life Begins At Night.

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