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Ladies, Go To Free Major Lazer Shows For Life

Ladies, Go To Free Major Lazer Shows For Life


By Beverly Bryan | June 6, 2012

Diplo’s Express Yourself EP isn’t out until June 12, but the genre-busting DJ is evidently very excited for it. Firstly, he’s got it streaming over at Spotify a week ahead of time and he’s running a contest for one lucky fan to win free entry to Diplo/Major Lazer shows forever!

All you have to do to enter is take a photo of you expressing yourself and tweet it @Diplo with the designated #EXPRESSYOURSELF hashtag. Apparently, “expressing yourself” and “inverting yourself” are synonymous in this world of pure imagination. (They may have made this up as the cameras were rolling.) (This invitation does not seem to have been extended to male Diplo fans.)

It really is a good idea that you stream Express Yourself, or otherwise get on it. It’s Diplo’s first solo release since 2004, and, having listened to it, we can attest that it is a heavy cut of beat beef both massive and brutal featuring collaborations with Datsik, Elephant Man, GTA, and some unsavory types who call themselves Lazerdisk Party Sex.

The release is also available for pre-order bundled with a t-shirt bearing the cover art, which cleverly (or co-optingly) references the aesthetic of ’70s anarcho-punks Crass. Limited edition!

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