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Hear Rita Indiana Remixed For New York Tropical Comp

Hear Rita Indiana Remixed For New York Tropical Comp

By toksala | December 8, 2010

The legendary New York Tropical dance nights might be gone but at least they left us a souvenir to remember them by. And the recently released New York Tropical compilation is way better than any snow globe or “someone loves me” T-shirt I’ve ever seen.

For those who want to remember, and for those who missed out due to geography or uncoolness, Dutty Artz, the nights’s erstwhile organizers, have put together a compilation representing the pan-Caribbean bass splendor that was

One of the collection’s definite singles in the remix of Dominican underground diva Rita Indiana’s “Los Poderes” by New York producer Kingdom. The remix is smooth and moody, it spaces and chops up Rita’s voice so that it sounds like she’s coming at you prophetically from a club night in the future.

This mix is only going to fuel the burgeoning tropical fever. Where it goes beat heads will succumb. It’s arrival will be looked back on as a cultural landmark. Oh, and we’re going to be hearing a lot more from Rita in the near future. Get Ready.


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