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Hear She’s A Tease Remixed For The Dance Floor

Hear She’s A Tease Remixed For The Dance Floor

By toksala | January 29, 2011

Stylish Mexico city synth-lovers She’s a Tease write rockers that are already made for dancing, so a DJ wouldn’t have to do much to soup up one of their songs up for a club setting.

Their track “Fiebre de Jack” is a poppy, New Wave party starter all on its own. But with those horns, the surf guitar, and the squishy synth on it, it’s easy to see why Mexico City-based DJ Uchafu Yaak Calakmul couldn’t keep his mitts off it. There’s just so much to play with. And, listening to his remix of the single, it sounds like he had a lot of fun with it.

He also really went to work on the thing. You’d have to have pretty keen ears to identify the source materials, and yet the irrepressible energy of the original is undimmed. That’s a pretty neat trick Mr. Uchafu!

Tune in to his frequency:

She’s a Tease – Fiebre de Jack (Uchafu Remix) by uchafu

Photo: Perez

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