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Jaloo’s Technobrega Beats Are The Cheesiest

Jaloo’s Technobrega Beats Are The Cheesiest

By toksala | March 5, 2011

The Brazilian electronic subgenre technobrega (or tecno brega)  is more famous for its complete disregard for copyright and its unique music distribution model than for its sound.  (This clip from the documentary Good Copy Bad Copy does a good job of explaining techno brega culture and economy.)

However, as beat-hungry DJs fan out over the globe in search of new sonic kicks, this crazy popular dance music will surely have its 15 minutes of global celebrity someday soon. The style originated in northern Brazil, and it is largely created by lone producers working in makeshift home studios. The name translates as “cheesy techno.” No one is saying it’s not cheesy. The music is defined by beats dredged up from the ’80s and whatever cornball sounds the producer mixes in. But no one’s saying it’s not a party either. So, like, move over baile funk.

Hundreds of technobrega producers bubble up quickly and float away every year, but if there’s a likely break out artist (besides DJ Cremoso) for the regional style it might be Jaloo. A young advertising student and model, he hails from Belém, the cradle of technobrega, and his remixes of M.I.A. and Rihanna are downright psychedelic. He’s winning remix contests, and he did the official remix for Brazilian YouTube sensation Marli’s “Suave Peste Negra.” (I promise this is a big deal.) And he has the Generation Bass seal of approval.

It might not be intelligent dance music (whatever that means) — he does in fact lovingly remix the Tetris theme — but his mixtape NOMATO will rattle around in your skull and make your feet move all by themselves. And parts of it are stone cold exhilarating electro tropical masterpieces. It’s free on Bandcamp of course and you can listen to it right here.

Nomato – Jaloo

NOMATO! by jaloo


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