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Kid Koala Makes Comics Sound Better

Kid Koala Makes Comics Sound Better

By Beverly Bryan | August 8, 2011

Kid Koala — otherwise known as the world’s cuddliest scratch DJ — is coming back with a most unusual project called Space Cadet. It’s a graphic novel with a soundtrack that tells the story of a guardian robot and it’s sweet astronaut. The soundtrack, composed and recorded by the DJ, elegantly combines live instrumentation with turntablism.

The album and comic will be available from Ninjatune September 19th but you can pre-order the goods now. The Kid has also created a multimedia headphone concert version of Space Cadet and he’s taking it on tour. It involves amazingness like live visual creation and a pop-up planetarium. If comic books aren’t really your thing, watch the concert trailer to see if that’s more your speed:

Photo courtesy of Ninjatune

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