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Kombucha Drink Banned From USA Shelves?

Kombucha Drink Banned From USA Shelves?

By toksala | July 21, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I think kombucha is undrinkable.

Ew!!! Kombucha is made with this special mushroom and left to ferment for about a week. Photo

But when I heard that some of USA’s stores are taking it off their shelves due to its alcohol content, well…all of a sudden I really wanted to stock up on kombucha. Funny how that happens.

Yes, kombucha is disappearing from American shelves. Why? Because…it’s booze!

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau posted recently that any kombucha with an alcohol content above .5 percent is no different than an 11 percent happy hour scotch whiskey.  Some kombuchas weigh in higher, some lower — kombucha makers haven’t had to fret about consistency in the past. But just to be safe, some places are ditching the ‘bucha.

The…ahem…liquid has been under heat ever since Lindsay Lohan started drinking it to wean off of alcohol…only to be arrested for drinking alcohol. Was it the kombucha that set off her ankle monitor?!

The fermented tea drink originated in Russia, China, Japan or Korea centuries ago (clearly the origin is under dispute). Recently companies began mass producing it in bottles, while die hards continued homebrewing it. Kombucha hit the USA only recently, attracting people who wanted to detoxify their bodies, whatever that means, despite a complete dearth of scientific research on the stuff.

So if you’re in the states, hurry and buy kombucha! You have toxins that need detoxifying ASAP before kombucha becomes a thing of the past!

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