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Li Saumet And Niña Dioz Form Cumbia Supergroup?!

Li Saumet And Niña Dioz Form Cumbia Supergroup?!

By toksala | November 29, 2010

We cannot at this time confirm or deny that Bomba Estéreo’s frontwoman Li Saumet and Mexico City’s fiery rapper Niña Dioz have teamed up with Villa Diamante and El Remolón of Zizek fame to create an all-conquering cumbia supergroup.

We can confirm that the track they got together and made is tough as nails and hotter than the Colombian rainforest and I want to listen to it again. The Zizek delegation produced the track and Saumet and Ms. Dioz contributed superheated vox and natural electricity.

The song is called “La Cumbia Prohibida” and if it does represent something more that a one-off adventure (Oh, please say it’s true!) then the group is called La Cofradía. If they took this on the road, the world might never be the same!

Stream the track here, then read all about it and get the free download at Remezcla Musica:

La Cumbia Prohibida (Prod. by El Remolón & Villa Diamante) by Remezcla


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