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Light a Fat One and Hail the Legend….Bob Nesta Marley

Light a Fat One and Hail the Legend….Bob Nesta Marley

By Amy Andrieux | February 6, 2013

Long before Snoop Lion, there was Robert Nesta Marley, who once sang, “One good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain….” And those words couldn’t ring any more true when considering the smoke and groove flow of the iconic Jamaica legend who first brought reggae to the global stage.

Adamant in his political views, cool as a breeze, and centered on his Rastafarian way of life, Bob saw music as a creative vehicle for social change and protest. Peace, he often said, was the only way forward, and as a natural mystic, he tooted his lifelong obsession with herb as his uprising’s seminal war drum.

Did it hurt that he and his Wailers (including another reggae mainstay Peter Tosh) brought a melodic sound that was refreshingly impenetrable during the high times of the ’70s disco era? Or that his revolutionary train of thought, in spite of how wild and unruly others thought them to be way back when, would be the world we would slowly find ourselves jammin’ in now?

All hail Nesta, Tuff Gong, the king of the whole dancehall. Happy Birthday brethren and rock steady.

Still haven’t seen the Marley film? Download it here, now.

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